It's Christmas All Over Again

12 Drummers Drumming

Every year (almost), kiki and I celebrate Christmas by running around a mall for our "Christmas Hunt".  This involves crazy shopping at Eaton's Centre during the busiest time of the year and with a set of rules for what we should be purchasing, all in 1.5 hours. We call this fun (hah!).  For the last several years, we've also incorporated a photography component to the Hunt.  The last Hunt we did, was a Christmas postcard theme, which I've posted in my tumblr.

This year, it was kiki's turn to think up the game and she warned me that she wanted to kick our creativity up a notch.  We had to take 12 photos that fit the theme of the "12 days of Christmas" - a photo for each of the 12 days.  We had to take the photos in 30 minutes (!).  Thankfully, the photos did not have to be literal, but could be loosely inspired by each of the themes for the 12 days.  By the end of each month, one image must be posted.

Here is my photo inspired by '12 Drummers Drumming'. 

[Why, yes, I like to work last minute - just managed to get this posted before the end of the month deadline]

This first photo for '12 Drummers Drumming' is quite literal.  It was one of the last photos I took that night; my imagination went off shopping by itself at that point.

After the photo challenge, we spent the next hour shopping alone for 4 items with the total the purchases not exceeding $30 (!!).  We also had to consider the fact that we will eventually have to create both a print and TV ad for each of the items received.  Never done a video before, so I foresee disaster in the works.


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