11 Pipers Piping

This is photo deux of the "12 days of Christmas" christmas challenge that Lesley and I are doing, where each month we are to post a photograph inspired the song.  All the photographs were taken back in December 2010 (see Lesley's interpretation here). 

This photograph was taken in a Hallmark card store.  I saw these boxes with pictures of Santa blowing on a horn and I thought they were perfect.  I cleared everything off from the shelf (the people at the store were kind enough to let me rearrange their shelves (hah)...not that I actually asked (shhh)) and stacked 11 of the boxes, just as you see them in the picture.  I did quite a bit of photoshopping as you can probably see and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't think this was a photograph at all!   I wanted to make the photograph very pop art-like.  Not sure I achieved the effect I wanted, but it is colourful, if nothing else!


  1. very cool... i like it!!! especially the part where it goes all squiggly. :)

    how did you make it go all squiggly?!

  2. Finally, the third browser has functioning comments! It is the smudge tool. :)


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