Two balls in the hand

My first video debut. I've never ever ever attempted something like this before, but since Kiki and I plan on doing a tv ad with our christmas gifts, I thought I better get a practice run in first. So, without any real notion of what I wanted to shoot, I just began doing some random things quickly, just to see what sort of outcome I would get. The more difficult part was learning how to use imovie and getting it to do what I wanted. What I've learnt to do with it is fairly basic, but hopefully I'll improve the more I try making videos. I think of this more like a prelude to the real ad coming up at the end of the month. 

So what do you guys think of my first attempt at some video making? It's horribly executed and shot and it ends a little abruptly, but I do think I quite like it after all.  It's in horrible quality below.  To better view it in HD, go to my vimeo page here


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