Get your golden balls!

As I have mentioned in prior posts, as part of our 2010 christmas challenge, kiki and I took it upon ourselves to do video and print ads for each of our 4 gifts for each other.  I posted a test video back in March and I've yet to post the actual video I made*. Some people think we are a little crazy to put each other to so much work, but I love these challenges we create for each other; it keeps us creative and they are never boring.

For the print ad, we were to be the other person's photographer and had to direct each other on the style of the photo. Silly me, on the day of the photoshoot, I forgot to bring the golden balls kiki gave me. Kiki took the photo below that became the basis for the ad, but the picture of the ball is one I previously used for my video. It is a bit of cheating I know, but it's all in good fun anyway. It was the fastest photoshoot we've ever had together. It was somewhere in the neighbourhood of 15 minutes altogether for the actual photo-taking time. After the very short photoshoot in kiki's condo, we went for noodles.

Here is my first quick and dirty print ad.  It is a little garish and tacky, yes?  These balls do least, they do in my video.

*It is good for a laugh perhaps


  1. hehe! this is so cute... love the colours and the quirkiness! :)

  2. Can't wait to do the second video and print ad!!! It's going to be just as ridiculous. Actually, I'm going to turn up the cheese up a notch!


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