4 Calling Birds

If you are looking at this and not wondering whether or not this is a photograph, well, I'll tell you anyway.  This is a photograph I took at an Indigo book store for the 9th photograph in Kiki and I's annual Creative Christmas fun. The photo is of course highly edited.

If you are asking yourselves what this is all about and why I'm posting Christmas themes in October, see my post here - It's Christmas all over again.  I have three more photographs to go and I'm already getting excited for this year's Christmas challenge!  It's my turn to come up with something.

Hi Kiki...let's enjoy your 4 calling birds photo. :)


  1. Hooray! Love the new blog format. :)
    These colours are just so pretty. I want summer back!

  2. Summer...so short it was this year...


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